Saturday, July 24, 2010

So flippin excited.

Well I decided to stop being a whiny bit#$ and get over it..although sometimes I still might be a big baby and whine and cry that nobody likes me...but for now I am pulling up my big girl panties and moving forward. Doing what makes me super happy.

So here is a glimpse into my head. Love the unexpected in glass. Taking simple techniques and turning them around so they become something new and different.
Ok so I complain about silver glass but I do love what happens to it, just want to incorporate it into something that pleases me.

So this technique is super old. Used thousands of years ago to decorate the surface of beads. Tom Holland showed me how to do this and also gave me the background of the history of the raked bead. Super simple technique, very elegant and used by tons of beadmakers. So I added a twist and did a really cool color shift on the base bead and used Psyche silver glass and racked it. Super simple but I LOVE how they turned out.

So now of course I am obsessed and will make tons of them for the Gathering and people will think "what the hell" BUT I am lovin it and that's all that counts.

Ahhh glass its so flippin cool.


  1. That IS flippin' cool! It is a mystery to me how you bead artists do what you do. I am just glad that you do it. Because I love it. And someday I will collect these mini works of art from every glass artist out there. ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I think when you make what you love and what makes you happy, it shines through the beads. I love all of your work and these are no exception, they're gorgeous.

  3. Those are AMAZING! And there's nothing wrong with "whining" -- I just did it on my blog last night! Sometimes our internet friends whom we never see personally end up being the ones that help us move on and figure things out.

    I still think you should write a book.....