Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I am trying to get beads made for the upcoming Gathering (beadmakers convention) coming up in a couple of weeks. I have a table at the Bead Bazaar and need my best stuff to sell.
So I am making some cool stuff yesterday and one of my off mandrel beads got to cool and BANG broke in half.
Ok that's alright I can make another one.
So today I made a kick ass pendant. Really it was baller, Well constructed, great colors, nice, nice, nice. I turn to my kiln to put it in and......the fricken kiln wasn't on. Yep busted right in half.
Some days are not bead days. ARRGGGGGG.

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  1. Oh NO!

    I had a day a week ago where I was IN THE MOOD to torch. SO in the mood. And I went to turn the kiln on -- no electricity in the studio. Seems the builders (we're adding on to the house) had accidentally severed a wire.

    Frack. I haven't made anything decent since.