Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Ass Sale!

I used to own a bead store. It was a great store but I sold it about 3 years ago.
So when I sold it I kept TONS of stuff...duh. Ok so I might have kept too much, and so I am going to have a BIG sale at my house to sell off some inventory.
So if are in the St. Louis area stop by. Drop me a email and I will give you all the details.


  1. Oh you TEASE! And here I am in Maryland!

  2. oh that sucks, I live in Oregon,I can't just drop by and check it all out.........pouting over here....

  3. Wish you guys lived closer so you could come.

  4. Oh that would be soooo fun. Cause I need more stuff. Couldn't you just come here and take a bunch of MY stuff, and then I'll come and buy a bunch of YOUR stuff?

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