Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Introspective blog

I have been battling self doubt lately (like so many artist do).
Should I post about it or not. Feelings of being the last kid picked for kickball. Posting pictures on forums and being passed over (not using a lot of silver glass can be a bitch).Trying to set up teaching gigs and getting no responses or even worse "we will keep you in mind" arrrggg, (I teach a bitchn class, dudes...really!) People just not being very nice, and letting them take advantage of me.

Even worse doubting my work and wondering if I should keep going or change paths (Starbucks is hiring...) But a tiny little thing happened.
A couple of posts by some nice people and some praise from unexpected places have given me a much needed boost.

I guess we all go though this, but this self doubt is a drag. It brings up shitty emotions like anger, and jealousy. So I am going to light the torch and make things I like. Things that feed my soul. Because their are people out there who I have touched with my art and those are the people who matter to me.

As my buddy Sage says "Peace, Love, Beads".


  1. Believing in yourself when the world around you seems to not be on your side is hard. But I think that you make lovely works of art. And you should make what you like. Becuase from your passion blossoms confidence and from that confidence blossoms success.

    So go confidently.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I believe in you. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is made with your flower bead. I was thrilled to have you as my first Bead Soup partner.

    None of that helps pay the bills, but thought you should know.

    The silver glass thing... at first it was all "oooh aaahh" but now I feel like it's tired. I have some neat things made with silver glass, but I'm a color person, and like purity in color. All of the glass I've been buying is CiM. I have exactly seven rods of silver glass that my husband got me as a sampler for Christmas and I'm scared of it and it's sitting in a corner of my studio.

    I wish I had better things to tell you that would magically make a million orders come winging your way. Maybe you should consider writing a book. Seriously.

  3. I think you rock! Hang in there!

  4. I think you make fantastic beads...and I also think that doing so with the colors of the rainbow is a much more challenging and worthy goal than constantly using silver glass. Everything is starting to look the same ~ encased silver glass this & cored silver glass that. It is all beautiful but the unique voices of the artists are being lost.

    Do YOUR thing and trust that at the end of the day you have created something that only YOU can.

  5. Libby we all have self doubts! I really wish we could get together a support group for like minded artists.

    I put together a large teaching proposal, spent a lots of time, make sure it was unique and well laid out. I taught professionally (riding lessons but A circuit) for over 20 years, and it's one of the few things I am confident I am good at. I got not one booking, not a one. So you're not alone.

    Do what makes you happy, then rest will come to you. Sometimes in ways you never know or can imagine.