Friday, July 9, 2010

Ahhh youth,

My son and his girlfriend decided last minute to take some time and go to Colorado before they begin their graduate programs this fall. So they packed up the car, loaded all the gear and went camping at Rocky Mountain National Park. They are having a blast, camping, hiking, fishing and generally going "into the wild". WHICH if you saw the movie or read the book (you should do both!) I was worried my son would do. He is too connected to his family to do it, but I could see him checking out of society for a summer and hoofing it around the US. Hell I could see myself checking out and doing it too.

The Big Ass Sale went great. Some good friends stopped by and bought some pretty cool stuff. I still have lots left but will be selling it at a "bead" garage sale next weekend, so hopefully it will all go to a good home.

Oh and by the way the sound track to Into the Wild is baller. Eddie Vedder rocks my world.

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