Friday, November 18, 2011

They turned out!!!

Well I got my Sari Silk Ribbon from Designtalentedone. Her ribbons are great and so many colors to choose from. I because obsessed with this style of bracelet and of course made a bunch up. I am taking them into work and see how they go. Yummy. 

Ok I LOADED up my Etsy shop with lots of cool new stuff. Really great prices so make sure you stop by and look. It takes such a long time to load stuff on. I still have tons more to put on so stop by this weekend to!
Ok and guess what, got my postcards. They turned out great and i am so excited I have a new card to include in all my Etsy sales. They were a lot of work. I made numerous calls to customer service and gave up a couple of times, but I stuck it out. They really are fun. This is the front of the card. 



  1. Amazing! Love them!

    I want a post card!! You could always slip in one of those beads with it ;P

    xo Genea

  2. Oh I love your pods and flowers postcard..delightful, looks almost edible. Glad you stuck with it...definately worth it!

  3. those pods and flowers postcards are just gorgeous!