Sunday, November 20, 2011

Almost... Just one More. Come on Join me!

Just one more and I will have 200 followers! So if you are a regular reader or just discovering my blog, go ahead click. Make my day. 
I made some more Podlets. I think I am officially back in love with them. The shapes, textures, colors and depth really are so cool. These are off for a special project that I hope will work out. I am super excited about it. I just have to wait to see if it really is going to happen. I promise to make a bunch for my Etsy site. I will have sets and pairs just give me a couple of days.
 I am spending the day in my "comfy" clothes. I have tons of findings, beads, sari silk, wire, tools, just waiting for me to make some stuff. I am headed off to Chicago and will take some things up for a shop to consign. 
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving. Tons of family and lots of laughs. We are a fun bunch. Off to make some goodies.


  1. The pod lets are gorgeous..congrats on the 200!