Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Day Out

I had a great day at a local bead show last week. I went with two of my friends and we had a nice lunch before and then hit the show. I was on the look out for some nice chain but couldn't find what I really wanted. 
My first stop was Silk Road Treasure to get this great heat treated copper. These large copper
rings are so great. I see so many things I can do with them. Then I got my favorite spacers. I use the heck out of these things. They look great with my Clio beads. 

Then I got some small little spacers to use on earrings. Next I was on to some stones. I usually get more earthy style but I did find one strand of some faceted beads.
I love the color and couldn't resist. Then some really cool coin agate beads, and then some beautiful green pleated beads. I had made some copper green pleated beads and I thought they would look great together. But I decided to put 7 of these beautiful beads on my Etsy site for sale so grab them. I think they are so cool. I love how they have such depth and texture. 
I do love a good bead show. This one was OK, but once you have been to Tucson and Bead and Button everything pales in comparison. 
I can't wait until Bead and Button. A bunch of friends got into the show so it's going to be even better than last year!



  1. I love those coin beads and the copper rings (you CAN make those yourself!). Doesn't look like I'll be doing bead and button this year, you doing the gathering?