Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ok Wait a Minute.

What the heck happened to November? It was just Oct. I mean fricken Thanksgiving is next week. Do you know what that means, Christmas is just right around the corner. ARGGGGG.
Really I need to get myself together. We are traveling to Chicago to have Thanksgiving with my sister. We have a whopping 30 people for dinner. 
My family has dwindled down to just 3. We lost my Mom 9 years ago and my sister 4. So holidays can be tough. Not a lot of family left and with my sister in Chicago it's just my family and my Dad. It's a big change from Big holiday celebrations to small ones. Not a change It gets kind-of lonely. So this Thanksgiving will be joyous and so much fun. 
Off to spend the whole day on the torch. Got tons of beads to make.


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