Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pods, Pods Everywhere

Yumm another sweet Purple rose Z-99 pod. I am lovin these new shapes. It's so sexy. Can a bead be sexy...hell ya.
This ones up on my Etsy store.

Tomorrow I am going to haunt some antique stores. I have a couple friends that haven't been to the St. Louis Cherokee street antique row.
Tons of shop after shop of goodies. Hopefully we can have a nice lunch and find some good stuff. I will make sure and take some pictures. 
Wish me luck.


  1. Hi Libby, just dropping in thanks for taking a look at my blog. Your beads are gorgeous I will be back later.

  2. Gorgeous!!!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  3. I really like the pod shaped beads--don't know why. They're intriguing I guess--at least to me!

  4. Libby, thanks for stopping by my blog. I participated in the April bead soup party and it was a great experience. I love your beads! I am new to lampworking and so far, I love it. I want to upgrade to a better set up. Right now I use mapp gas. Any suggestions? I hope you have a great time at the bead soup party!