Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Bad but dreaming of Tucson.

I owned a bead store. Kind of sounds like the line in the movie Out of Africa. It was a great bead store. Tons of super cool pearls, czech glass, semi precious, African trade beads, silver, etc.  I had a 9 torch studio in the back where you could learn bead making or take a class with nationally recognized artist. My sister and I owned it and we called it Sorella Beads (means sister in Italian). 

Every year we would make the trip to Tucson for our buying trip. It was heaven. Wonderful weather, beautiful desert scenery and show after show of beads. The whole city is alive with it.

Have you been to the Tucson Bead shows? For anyone involved with beads it really is Mecca. It does not get any better.

It brings back some fond memories of my sister. We had a blast. We would take time to see friends, eat, explore Tucson, and just spend time together. I was our time. I lost her 3 years ago to ovarian cancer and this time of year reminds me of our trips. I just ache to go back. It's just not in my budget, but maybe one day. A girl can dream.

Miss you Becky.

I received my super cool bead soup from my wonderful partner Kristen. I promise to take some pictures of it tomorrow!


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. That is tough. I hope someday you will go back to Tucson to celebrate the trips you made together.

  2. Well Libby - it may just be on the cards for me in 2012. I could def. use a tour guide! Hugs - Liz x

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your sister :( I remember talking with you when you still owned your shop. I wish I could have seen it! You will get your trip to Tuscon again soon. I have never been due to the whole budget deal myself. Maybe when you can go again we should go together! :)