Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hummm excuse me...

Yea you might notice that there might be random cat hair or dog hair in my photos. I don't need a signature murrini to place in my beads, you just need to look hard for animal hair.
Every time I set up my photo cube in jumps the kitten or as we like to call her "the shitten". Little turd. She looks so dang cute, it's hard to kick her out. One time I left the booth up, we were looking all over for the cat. Couldn't find her anywhere. I walked by the photo cube and there she sat, looking at me like I was insane.
Someone once told me Dogs have owners, Cats have help.


  1. you cat looks like mine, she has a streak down her nose and a beauty mark on her upper lip, and she is polydactyl

  2. Mine is afraid of my tripod, I'm assuming it tipped over once and scared him. Now he avoids the photo set up completely. Cute kitteh!

  3. I had a laugh when i read this, our cats do exactly the same. We have two, we call them the terror boys. Guess what...they have two Butler me and my Hubi.

  4. Oh no, it goes more like this: Dogs have owners, cats have staff. In their minds they are deities / rockstars all rolled into one.
    I saw a comment you posted on Lori's pink typewriter and found it hilarious so I thought I'd give you a little shoutout.
    And as far as cats go, mine likes to sleep under my desk lamp, because it's extra toasty there. And if he happens to nock down a few books or pens, ah well that's my problem ;-)