Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'am Backkkkkkk

Yep back from the ISGB Gathering 2010. I had a blast.
We had a wonderful opening reception at the Eastman House in the Gardens. We were able to wander in the home of Mr. Eastman. It was a beautiful night.
I reconnected with tons of my friends and then back to open torch.
Next up demos on Friday and then while I was in the Tech Vendors area who do I see but my buddy and author of Totally Twisted Kerry Bogart!

The Bead Bazaar was on Sat. and was so much fun. I was next to my friend Nolly. My friend from work (Denise) was my roommate and she worked my booth so I could look around and see everyone's work.

I talked to several studio owners (who hopefully I will be teaching for next year), and tons of people asking where I teach. So if you are interested in me teaching in your area the best thing for you to do is contact your local studio and let the owner know!
They love to know they can fill a class if they feel there is an interest in an artist.

I went out to dinner with some really fun people on Sat. night and we literally laughed the whole time. Some pretty witty people in the ISGB.

Got to spend time with tons of old friends and made lots of new ones. Can't wait till next year!


  1. Glad you had a great time!
    How did people like your cool beads?

  2. Libby! How cool was it to finally connect? I am so pleased we caught up with each other at the bead swap!

  3. ONE of these days, when I can make more than spacers.....

  4. Liz meeting you was so much fun. Really one of my favorite moments!
    Lori you have to go. One lady next to me had only been making beads for a month, so next year!
    Kate sold lots of beads, more than Bead and Button....