Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ohhh such a bad girl.

Hate it when I don't post for a long time, but my Dad was in the hospital, and I was really nervous and too unfocused to do a good blog post. Dad is fine but when you have only one parent left it can get kind of scary.

Ok on to matters of epic proportions...etching metal. Ok so a fellow blogger Judith posted some pictures of her super cool etchings that she had done. She got some really good deep etches and we exchanged emails about how sometimes you get good etchings, and sometimes you don't.

Recently I had a friend tell me to try Red permanent markers, saying it worked better than black. Well I tried it and I am thinking I got better results with black. So I tried a little experiment and it does seem the black is better.
In the photo the two smaller ones I used black permanent marker, and the larger I used red.

Anybody else have any results they might like to share for deeper etchings? Longer soaking, red or black markers? Humm the mystery's of etching.


  1. I'd love to try that! And I am glad your father is ok.

  2. Glad your Dad is doing better. I just changed my batch of etching solution and got a really nice etch tonight and quickly too. I like Staz-on ink for stamps, works so much better than a if only they made a marker out of that ink.

  3. I have heard that Staz-on works great, but the problem is I hand draw all the designs on the metal. I used to stamp the designs so I will have to try it again, but I am torn cause I do so love creating all my own designs.

  4. Greetings Libby! Was pleased to read that your Dad is on the mend! "Flowers" are in my head at the moment - my work is very influenced by how I feel at the time - can you tell? Glad you liked them thou! Liz x

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  6. Libby, I pulled this off of Ganoskin because I couldn't find the red marker I use. Primarily I use a sharpie black (a good juicy one!) or the Staedler lumocolor red (if memory serves me I got it at a Michael's). Here is their list of possibles. Some I have never heard of. Good luck with the etching. It was nice to meet you at the Gathering!

    •Unipaint (red) fine line PX21, Medium line and broad line
    •Staedler Lumocolor (red) 318-2 (F), 313-2 (S) and 317
    •Acrylic Paints (red)
    •Strips or cutouts of packaging or other strong adhering tapes