Sunday, February 3, 2013

NEW POST!!! Finally

Ok I admit it. I have been remiss is posting on my blog for a while
So first things first. 

I have a give away for the stinkin cute podlets! 
 It is on my blog home away from home Love My Art Jewelry I post over there two times a month. Please visit me there.
Anyway if you want a chance of winning these buggers go over there and read all the details.

Ok so second here is what the wonderful Kristi Bowman did with the podlets that we did the trade for. Genius. Cool huh?
And here is what I made with her one of her pieces.
 I had such a great time figuring out what I wanted to make. That is what's so nice about being able to make your own beads. You can get wonderful pieces or a cool outfit and make the beads to compliment them.

Ok so the finally here is why I have been MIA from the blog world. It's that dang coldworking....(process of cutting, grinding and polishing glass after it comes out of the kiln)

Yep I got the itch, and I HAVE to itch it. 
This area of soft glass ( the kind of glass I use to create my beads) has only a handful of people coldworking their pieces. Most of the coldworking is done with blown or boro (the other type of glass used for flameworking)
So because of this I feel like I have a whole world available to me and tons of applications. 
So I have plenty to blog about and I promise to update more and let you in on the process and journey I am traveling.


  1. Your podlets are so cool, I loved creating with them. Thanks so much for sharing what I made!!

  2. Your work is amazing. I had not seen anything quite like this before and am definitely a new fan. I love how you showed a finished example of how they were used too, though I have a great idea of my own for what I'd love to use these for.

  3. Love your podlets and your design with the Kristi Bowman owls... wonderful. Love the necklace too.

  4. Those podlets are adorable! Gushing over the earrings Kristi made with them. Perfect match!

  5. those podlets are wonderful! Also saw some great Clio melons in your shop. Just beautiful!

  6. Yea! New directions! I love those pods. Lust after them actually. One day I will have them in my collection. Looking forward to hearing about the coldworking process as I find it fascinating to know the behind the scenes work that goes on. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day! Erin