Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Sorry I haven't been around lately but my sister came in town and I have been busy running around doing fun stuff. We went to a flea market and picked up a rug for her daughter at school, went to a lovely couple of antique stores, were I found this great rug! I didn't expect to find a great rug for my living room but it was on sale and in great shape.
The next day we went to the storage lockers from my sister Becky's estate. It's always hard to go and see all of my sisters things packed away in storage. All of her things have such memories for me, and I usually cry every time we go. She had some great paintings and my sister and I wanted to get some out of storage for the kids. Jan and my kids dearly loved their Aunt Becky and now want to have a bit of her in their apartments, so we are slowly going though her things. I got a couple of paintings myself.
I need to get going and carve my pumpkin! We are doing a trial run for Thanksgiving (we do one every year cause you can't have just one Thanksgiving dinner a year!)

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Deep Breath

Ahhh my favorite time of year. I love the smell of fall, the riot of colors, the crisp cool air. I drive around my town and see bluffs by the Meramec river and the trees are amazing. On my drive to work I go though Forest Park and see the changes and it makes my heart sing.
I look forward to winter too. I love the contrast of the blue sky and bare branches, the green of the pines with snow on them. There is nothing better than a fire in the fireplace and soup on the stove.
I am a nut about 4 seasons with deciduous trees, have to have those deciduous trees. I think the most beautiful scenery involves trees Oaks, Maples, River Birch, Hickory. I grew up in a town that had 100 year old trees. Large and stately, offering cool shade in the summer and colors like mad in fall and spring. You could stand under them during a driving rain and only feel a couple of drops, climb them and dream away the summer nights.
I am getting ready to bundle up and sit outside and stare at trees. See ya.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frustration or Inflated Ego..humm

It's so hard to put myself out there. Rejection is not my thing. I have been doing this for so many years( 14), and teaching for 10. There are some pretty cool bead techniques I have in my back pocket and when I do teach, students dig my class. I have potential students who are asking if I teach in their area, several in one area. However getting booked at a studio is frustrating and I feel confused and then I start to question if I do have it.
I hate this s@#t. Seriously. Makes me question everything.
I guess I will keep trying and just pick up my big girl panties and march on.
So if you are one of my potential students I am trying, honest.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bead Porn

Finally I got some new beads listed on Etsy. It took all day but I got it done. Lots of work listing stuff on Etsy. I even sold a Pod bead to a buddy (thanks Jaime). I will be listing more stuff as the week goes on, but I think I got a good start. Lately I have had tons of people asking me why don't I list more on Etsy, and where can they get my beads. I do sell a lot of beads at Third Degree and it does keep me busy just keeping up with that, but I do want to get better at listing on Etsy so give me sometime and I will deliver. So without further ado BEAD PORN.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


OMG too funny. One of the funnest things I have seen in a while.

Smell Like a Monster

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Uhmmm excuse me.

This is Winston, otherwise known as "Big Kitty". He loves food. A bit like a dog. Most cats seems to be a little picky, but not Big Kitty. He also loves to leave us little presents. If you have cats you know what I mean. He is a big ole tom cat and not very affectionate, unless it's his idea, then the purring begins. When he jumps up into our laps we are still, making sure we don't move, so we can get some Winston loven's, a rare treat.

Making beads cause I still can't find all those sets of beads I make for Bead and Button. I know they are hidden somewhere in the bottom of a box.
I love making beads this time of year in the studio. All the doors are open and everyone is working, making beautiful things. Heaven.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I promise I will be better

Such a bad, bad blogger. I promise to make sure to update more. I have been busy making beads for a little show here in St. Louis called Glass Galore. It is our local glassbead makers society's yearly show and its fun to do.

Finally it is turning cooler. It really is my favorite time of year. The sun is warm and the air cool. Perfect time to be in the studio. All the doors are open and the breeze keeps us all cool while working with super hot glass, kilns, and flames.