Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So pleased and happy.

I am in a good place. I have new inspiration and bead I am so happy with. I showed you some a couple of weeks ago but they are changing and will continue to change as my head spins with ideas.

I love when I find something new and this is even more special because I am using our cold shop at work. It is such a joy to be finally using something that I took for granted before and I know other would kill to use. 

I will probably be posting about this technique for a while so I apologize  for it up front.


  1. apologize for what? being generous enough to share about your discoveries and experiences? nope, we are lucky to have you here... a beautiful bead... looking forward to reading more about it...

  2. I'm with Maire, nothing to apologize about and I too love hearing about your experience. And that is one beautiful bead.

  3. That is cool!!! I just set up my flat lap again it's been stored for two years so I know how exciting cold working again can be!