Sunday, March 18, 2012

Head down and focus!

So many good things are happening. It's hard to believe that all the hard work is finally paying off. I am in another book, teaching at some great studios, in a magazine, and finally I have been invited to show at PISMO, which in the glass world is a huge honor.

I am not sure if it is because of my efforts or because I just kept my head down and kept working. At some point you have to go back to the art, to the passion and just create. You have to forget about others and focus on your work. Try new things that scare you, make stuff and throw it away, work with your head down. Oh and be honest with yourself. If you want something to happen you have to put yourself out there and be rejected or hopefully accepted at some point. 

You might remember these beauty's. They were on my Etsy site for a long time with tons of views but never sold. Then they did and now everyone is asking for them again, so here they are. On my Etsy site. Grab em quick or not....

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Sometimes I lose self esteem and feel my work isn't good enough when I don't make a sale for a while. Then just like that something sells and my spirits are lifted. My bead making and jewellery does not have to cover my living expenses so I should just be happy that I can create, create, and create more without needing to worry if it sells. I will just have a house full of shiny glassy bling! LOL :) Have a wonderful week ahead, it sounds like it will be a busy one for you.