Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Obsession!

I have a new passion. I saw these beautiful Terrariums by the artist Paula Hayes.  She has the blowers make her the glass containers in unique and beautiful shapes. Then she places her plants and actually lets them grow for a couple of years.
They are beautiful pieces of art and I can't wait to make a terrarium now. 

We have a really great wholesale flower market here in town. My sister was in town so we headed down with a list of things to look at. On my list was the tiny plants used in terrariums. They were so cute.
I now need to find a container that is unique and different, but I think I might have a blower at work make me a couple of cool blown pieces.
I also saw a huge glass jug that was the base used for a lamp and you can put a terrarium inside. I almost got it, but decided to wait. I tend to jump the gun to quick and then regret it later. Deep breath.
Well I am off to start working on my Bead Soup piece.


  1. These are beautiful! I've seen these sweet miniature terrariums and have wanted one for so long. But I'm not the best at keeping anything alive, so I just enjoy the photos.

  2. Those terrariums are lovely. They brought back childhood memories of collecting moss and little lichen pieces and putting them around a small mirror laying on a pie plate. We decorated them with bits of twigs, small stones, etc. The mirror was the pond and the moss etc was the forest for our imaginary fairy friends. Good times!

  3. I really wish we could have some of those but I have a cat that eats EVERYTHING green. We're trying an air plant right now, hoping it won't be attractive to him!

  4. Seriously woman we could be sisters. I tried making a few of these last year and fell in love with them. It never occurred to me to get some hand blown pieces though *hand smack to head* maybe I'll make a few more for the studio. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. so how is the bead soup piece coming? i have to get mine going - yikes!