Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to find inspiration.

With the Bead Soup Blog hop coming up I thought it might be a good to discuss how do you find or kick your creativity in gear.
I always want to put my best foot forward when creating for the Blog Hop. I want to make sure that my partner is happy with the effort I put forth and I want to be proud of my work.

With that being said sometimes I get stuck. Nothing comes to mind and I just sit looking at my pile of beads and wonder what to do. When I first started making beads I got a blank inspiration book. When I would see something in a magazine I would cut it our and glue it in my book. When I saw something that gave me an idea I would sketch it out. I don't know how many times I have had an idea and forgot to put it in my book and it just slipped out of my head. ARggg.

Another thing I do is to Google like crazy. Things like Jewelry of the 1920's, or Jewelry of the 17th century. Try it. Think of other searches you can do.

I also look though catalogs like the Sundance Catalog. It can inspire you and also let you see what the current trends might be. J Jill is another good catalog to browse. 

 Can't wait to see what beautiful beads I get from my partner and hopefully find some great inspiration.


  1. Great advice! I keep a sketch book myself. I also like to look through book and catalogs and if I see something that I really like, close the book and draw what I remember.

  2. I is nice to look through old styles and bring out something new from the innovation.I love to look at jewelry and make fair idea about my own creations which would never copy but try to be competitive and market friendly.