Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some cute new stuff.

I got some cool stuff to show you! First are these stinken cute Red Roof Tile Podlets. They are plump and the color is rich and beautiful. I love making these beads. They are so much fun to handle. Lots of depth and texture. Just listed these guys.

Next is my attempt at cute. I don't do "cute" too often but I had so much fun making this guy I think I have to make more. I made a bunch for work and they all sold so I made some more. This little guy is on my Etsy store. He will have a bail so you can just slip him on a chain or ribbon.

Some of you know that I contributed a bead for Kerry Bogart's Totally Twisted book. Last week I had a call from a customer in LA asking if I could send her a bead similar to the one in the book so she could make the necklace. I can't believe I don't have any listed on my Etsy so I have listed a couple at really good prices. 

Next I listed some more of my bead sets. Each bead is super cute and the whole set will make a fantastic bracelet. I love these bead sets. They pop with color and I also lowered the price from $35.00 to $30.00. 


  1. yea, thanks! :) Now I have to go and check out your shop........

  2. Oh yeah! That is so cute! I love all your work, Miss Libby! I was just looking at Kerry's book last night as I have a custom order to make this week involving twisted wire!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. LOVE that disk bead!! Gorgeous colors, the set is pretty cool too!