Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bead Table Wed.

Ha. I have seen all the beautiful spaces a lot of my fellow bead artist have. Beautifully appointed rooms where little treasures are artfully displayed, and projects carefully laid out. Someday I will carve out my space, but that's not today.
My Bead Table is my family room coffee table. All my stuff is scattered around the room with half done projects, and ideas of designs set to the side. I somehow like to work this way. It is better to have too much out than to little. Ideas come streaming into my head and I remember I have a spacer that would work perfect for this project, now I just have to find it. 
I will carve out my space, cause my husband is going to shoot me if I don't. It will probably take weeks to organize but it will happen. Once I get organized I stay that way, it's just getting there that is the battle.
Off to Chicago this weekend for my show!


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  1. Have quite fun in chicago! What a pitty it is just far away from me!!!! Hugs, Doris