Sunday, April 3, 2011

It my Birthday and I'll post if I want too!


Yep it's my birthday and I am 21 years old but my body is 53. I feel like I am 21 and probably act like I am 21 too. Good times. 
I have filled my shop up with tons of goodies.
Some of you remember me making my flowers and I decided to try them again but they are smaller and have a Clio center. I used to make these all the time and stopped for awhile but decided to make some with new twist.
Super hot here in St. Louis. Makes me very cranky. I hate the heat. Can't stand it. Don't know how people live in the desert. Ick. No water, sand, dust, brown, no thanks. 
I want a cool spring!!!!


  1. happy birthday to you! i am with you on the heat - it makes me grouchy... but the flowers are beautiful! wishing you a wonderful year...

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous - and Happy 21st! LOL.

  3. Happy Birthday, with your talent I thought you were way older than 21.

  4. I wish I was 21 with my 53 year old knowledge! But alas just plain ole 53.

  5. If you still feel 21, you've got it going! Happy Happy Birthday.

  6. Beautiful flower, Libby.

    Happy Happy Birthday to you, my friend~ I hope it was as sparkly as you are!

  7. happy day to you, miss libbyleu! It is far from hot here, a bit windy and dismal in my opinion. I hope that you had a funtastic day doing what you love to do, surrounded by those who love you the most! Enjoy the day!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Libby! I seriously didn't know you were 53, I swear 21 suits you better :)

    Gorgeous flower! Love the colors you got in the center. Way to make that silver SING :D

    Thank God I wasn't the ONLY cranky one! I was moaning when my house got to 80 from the windows being open. So glad I'm moving to the PNW. Nice cool climate for me, none of this hot humid BS! ;)

    So whatdga' get????

  9. Happy Birthday! Loving your flower beads too.
    Deb x

  10. A happy birthday from Switzerland.
    You can send some of the heat over to us.

  11. First of all, "happy Birthday" for yesterday. Secondly, I love your flower a la new style. The petals look quite glowing and the centre is beautiful. I am not a lover of heat, either! We get way too may days over 40 Celsius each Summer now for my liking .
    Jenni in Australia.

  12. Now you can go to the bar and celebrate! Happy 21st! (love that flower)