Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ideas are coming fast.

 My mind is reeling with ideas and shapes. How can I achieve them in glass, work them into my present work, yet make it different. I found a really cool blog that I am sure that many of you already know about. The Daily Muse.  It is brimming with fine crafts and art. You can explore a variety of different mediums from pottery, glass, and metal to name a few. 
I was so please to see one of my favorite ceramic artist Alice Ballards. Gee I wonder why she is one of my favorites. Her Pods are amazing and really send my creative juices over the edge.
Don't you love it when you look at another artist work and you feel moved, inspired. Isn't that really what we want as artist, to move those who look at our work.
Who inspires you. Who moves you to stretch your creative muscles, and work harder. I would love to hear from you.


  1. You know I have not heard of it. Sweet site though! Those African pieces are killer!

    Oooo those pods are awesome!

    YES!! I love being inspired by other art work I see!

    YES!! We do want to move others that look at our work!

    Sarah Moran! She is just a phenomenal person and amazing artist! What she does with dots and transparents is just out of this world!

    Andrea Guarino-Slemmons! Not only is she an incredibly awesome teacher, but her beads are earthy and bright all in the same bead. She has a really beautiful soul :)

  2. Ohh Andrea is such a great artist. I also really like Jennifer Geldard, who is also a great teacher.

  3. She really is :) Oh yes, I love her work as well. I was supposed to get to that class where you had her in at your shop in stl, but I was moving from my apartment to house so I had to cancel! Dang! I sure will try to catch her soon. Maybe she will be out in my area??