Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This work thing gets in the way.

I could use a couple hours of taking pictures of new work, load it onto my Etsy, work on my Bead Soup project, start writing class info for my Bead and Button class, and then take care of my family. Dang work gets in the way.
I hope to make some new work and have some cool ideas but really need to clear my plate first. I do love having a pile of beads to play with. It is quite relaxing and gets those creative juices going. My favorite time to bead...Sat afternoon with a scary movie on TV. Heaven.
When is your favorite time to bead?


  1. I'm hearing you Libby - my usual work mode these days is "warp-speed" as I try and cram in much of the same.
    Remember thou - you have to make some time to smell the roses!

  2. whenever I can have a moment to myself and can turn on a movie or doc in my studio. usually feel most creative after lunchtime and into the evening.

  3. Just saw your amazing Cup of Bead Soup beads over on Lori's blog..just beautiful!
    I hear you, it's just so hard to find time to sit and make jewelry. For me, it's super late at night. Not that it's my favorite's almost the ONLY time for me!

  4. I want to bead all the time!! But of course I have to squeeze it in when I can, especially because the kids don't like me off in the studio when they're home... It helped a lot for me to get a lap-table for beading (tray with a sandbag underneath to balance solidly in the lap), and to set up smaller coaster-sized trays of specific projects that I can swap in and out as the mood strikes me. Now I can sit and watch a movie (or whatever) with them in the living room, and not be obsessing about my beads in the other room! I might do a post about the setup for the next Bead-Table Wednesday... I'll have to straighten it up a bit first, though...