Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Pods!

I had someone on LE (a glass beadmakers forum) come up with the name podlets for these cute buggers. I made a bunch of them and sent some to the lovely Lori Anderson for her monthly Cup Of Bead Soup.
I had a blast picking out some super cool beads to go with all the glass beads I sent her. I love an eclectic mix of beads. No simple stuff for me. It's great to have  a mix of complimentary colors, metals, pressed glass, wood, bone and lampwork.
I like the movement and texture of a piece that contains all those elements.
What turns you on when it comes to designing a piece? The colors, the glass, the metal?


  1. Wow your baby pods are just adorable I think I like them even better than the bigger ones and I loved those!

  2. LOVE the podlets -- and it seems that everyone who's commented on the Cup of Bead Soup post does, too!

  3. How fun. I think Lori is lucjy to have something so fun to work with! I love all the colors. Color is a HUGE inspiration to me.

  4. I totally agree with getting little "smackrels" of different things. I sent Mary a bead soup like this. I love the name "podlets" so cute :) I love to name my beads fun things!

    I would say all of the above. I love color, texture, shape. I love intricate designs with something exciting for my eyes to look at through the whole design.

  5. love these little podlets:) And such wonderful spring colors

  6. I love the cup of bead soup you sent to Lori - especially the podlets (perfect name, by the way)!! They are amazing!
    Will they be available in your etsy shop, one day?

  7. I found out that a friend of mine also has some beads named podlets! Oh well great minds think the same.
    I am glad to see so many new faces on the blog.

    Palimpa I have some new podlets that will be on my Etsy store tomorrow.