Saturday, December 11, 2010


I am in the mood, that's right I said it, I love Christmas. I love the crisp cool air, driving home at night and seeing the houses all lit up, the smells, sounds, fires in the fireplace, friends, shopping (i know..right) and yep I am a Christian so it also has special meaning for me.
Seems now that saying you are a "Christian" has a different meaning. I am not a right wing conservative. I am about as liberal as they come...and kind of a cool person. It's really too bad to lump us all into one category or think we all think the same way, or act the same way. Guess what, I cuss, drink, gossip sometimes, and question my faith constantly, that is part of it for me.
I have my own personal relationship with God and it is unique to me.
You know I am super smart, very educated. I know all the intellectual reason for why the early Christians choose this time of year to celebrate Christs birth, his resurrection in the spring, I am not stupid. I get the doubt.
My faith is based on belief that there is a higher power. One of my favorite quotes about faith comes for the movie "Keeping the Faith" It really says it all for me.

"It's very important to understand the difference between religion and faith. Because faith is not about having the right answers. Faith is a feeling. Faith is a hunch, really. It's a hunch that there is something bigger connecting it all... connecting us all together. And that feeling, that hunch, is God."

Off my soap box. Hope I didn't offend too many of you. I give you the right to your beliefs without judgment, hopefully you may do the same.


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