Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why oh why..

Why oh why do I keep making these pods? They really are fun to make and I love trying to see if I can make the silver glass work on them and I am getting close. It's such a sexy shape, and so wearable.
This does seem like a pattern in my bead making...remember the racked beads? Oh well.
I think to get really good at something you have to make a lot of them, especially in bead making. I think time on the torch also helps to find your own voice or bead style. The more you are on the torch the more you are exploring glass and how it works. Sometimes you get it quick and sometimes it takes time. I think when you rush it, it shows.
For the longest time I would just jump right into it and let it go. But now I am very careful about letting my beads out into the world. I have thrown out so many beads. The people in the studio found out I was doing it and would dig though the trash to retrieve them. HA.
I got smart and now wrap them in paper towels!


  1. I'm attracted to pods too. I think it's a feminine thing. They are seed containers, and, well, so are we in a way. They are full of potential, and life, and totally worthy of your admiration. I love what you've done with them, and admire your skills with glass.