Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good News!! Finally..

After going though lots of artistic self doubt I finally have some good news. My class was accepted by Bead and Button 2011. I will be teaching the Off Mandrel Soft Glass Implosions. I have always wanted to teach at Bead and Button but couldn't ever seem to make the deadline or gather up the courage to submit a class.
I am super happy I did and rather proud. I am going to take this and celebrate!

Next. I received in the
mail a book. Hummm I don't remember ordering a book. I opened it up and it was Kate Mckinnon's beautiful new book The Jewelry Architect. Oh how sweet, Kate sent me her book, but there was no message and it was sent by the publisher. So I looked further and there was my name in the back and my beads on one of the project pages. Wow super cool. I knew Kate had some of my beads but I didn't know she used them. What a gal.

Ok a bit about the book. It is great, fabulous, and jammed packed full of information AND there is a DVD that accompanies the book. Kate constructs jewelry to last. She gives thought to everything she touches. She wants her jewelry to be that piece of vintage treasure that you find at an antique shop 50 years after it was made, and it is still strong, and sure, and ready to wear.

There are great unique ideas and it is a book that I highly recommend.


  1. Yea for B&B! I wish that I could take a class like yours... but that is way beyond my comprehension. You will do great. And B&B is awesome!
    I have wanted that book for some time. I don't even do that but it looks so darn cool. Now another reason to want it.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. COngrats and Congrats again...when it rains it pours right? So exciting that you will be teaching at B&B! I'll have to look for Kate's book at B&N. Sweet! to have your work published by another artist...especially her!

  3. Oh YAY YOU! And I'll be at Bead and Button next year so hope to see you!

  4. Congratulations on your new faculty slot! I'm happy for you.
    : )
    And thanks for the mention of the new book.
    I'm glad it was a surprise for you.