Thursday, October 7, 2010

Uhmmm excuse me.

This is Winston, otherwise known as "Big Kitty". He loves food. A bit like a dog. Most cats seems to be a little picky, but not Big Kitty. He also loves to leave us little presents. If you have cats you know what I mean. He is a big ole tom cat and not very affectionate, unless it's his idea, then the purring begins. When he jumps up into our laps we are still, making sure we don't move, so we can get some Winston loven's, a rare treat.

Making beads cause I still can't find all those sets of beads I make for Bead and Button. I know they are hidden somewhere in the bottom of a box.
I love making beads this time of year in the studio. All the doors are open and everyone is working, making beautiful things. Heaven.

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  1. How big is Big Kitty? I have a feeling Vernon is going to be the same way -- friendly on HIS terms. And Vernon is just too big to be a lap kitty -- I don't think anyone's lap is big enough!