Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Sorry I haven't been around lately but my sister came in town and I have been busy running around doing fun stuff. We went to a flea market and picked up a rug for her daughter at school, went to a lovely couple of antique stores, were I found this great rug! I didn't expect to find a great rug for my living room but it was on sale and in great shape.
The next day we went to the storage lockers from my sister Becky's estate. It's always hard to go and see all of my sisters things packed away in storage. All of her things have such memories for me, and I usually cry every time we go. She had some great paintings and my sister and I wanted to get some out of storage for the kids. Jan and my kids dearly loved their Aunt Becky and now want to have a bit of her in their apartments, so we are slowly going though her things. I got a couple of paintings myself.
I need to get going and carve my pumpkin! We are doing a trial run for Thanksgiving (we do one every year cause you can't have just one Thanksgiving dinner a year!)

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.

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