Monday, September 6, 2010

Sketchy but good Score!

My daughter took me to this flea market deep in the middle of the Sketchy part of St. Louis. All cities have them but its good to explore different parts of the city. Of course it was mostly cheap knock off purses she was after,but me, I was after rusty junk to put into pendants.
It was a big old supermarket that they had set up booths in. It was super hot that day and of course there was no AC. Arggg I am not a heat kind of person, drives me crazy, but we were there so I tried to make the best out of it.
Right off the bat I found these great rusty old iron pieces. Perfect for someplace in the house. They must have been from a gate or something. I wire brushed them and cleaned them all up. My husband of course said "aren't you going to paint them?"
(insert rolling of eyes here). I had to explain about patinas and good rust etc...I still don't think he gets it, whatever...
Aren't they lovely!!!


  1. Drool! Yes...I love the rusted look! I had a friend give me some rusted farm implements that had been hanging out in their garage to go with my rustic southwest look. I miss it!

  2. Really great. Love where you put them!