Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh how I adore thee.

Ok so once more obsessed with combining my love of glass and metal I have fallen" in admire" with Richard Salley I am sure many of my fellow bloggers already know about this talented artist, but I have just recently found him.
I stare at his work and ponder how can I make it my own, and how can I incorporate my beads into this new style.
So I am sketching, working, wasting TONS of wire and generally spending a lot of my
time making and remaking things.
It's hard work. Having to figure out how to measure, bend, twist, drill, attach, and construct the piece so it looks purposeful and complete.
So here is a couple of my new pendants, with plenty more to come.


  1. Wow how exciting!!! Love these new pendants they are so unique!!!

  2. Very cool! I missed a workshop opportunity with him and I must say, his things are amazing and I LOVE what you're doing with this!