Saturday, April 3, 2010

They say it's your Happy Birthday to you.

Yep it's my birthday. So far so good. Just a nice relaxing day with the signs of spring all around. I love spring in St. Louis. The trees are beginning to bud, the grass is starting to grow, lawn mowers are growling in the distance and the smell of fresh mowed grass on the breeze. I like living in a state where their are four seasons, each one unique and beautiful.
We leave the door open to the backyard and the dog and cats wander in and out laying in the sun and then coming in for a brief pet.
Have ton's of work I need to do. Get ready for Bead and Button, make beads to fill up the studio gallery, make more beads for Etsy, and get ready to teach at Blue Moon.
I think king crab legs are in order for my Birthday dinner!
AHHH I am also once again working on a new bead. Do you likey?