Saturday, July 2, 2011

Childhood Memories.

When I was going up I lived in a sweet town called Webster Groves. Beautiful old homes with large oak trees and shady yards. It was hide and go seek, kick the can, and hordes of kids roaming the streets. Summer showers we would run out in the rain and jump in puddles.
On July 4th we had the best hometown parade. The local mounted girl scouts would ride by on their horses Miss Webster contestants rode by on convertibles. When I was in high school I rode on a car waving to the crowd cause I was on the synchronize swimming team. 
Then we had a 4 day carnival with rides, booths, and food. Everyone from the surrounding area would come to our town to celebrate the 4th. Our fireworks were the best. July 4th was really a favorite time growing up.
How are you spending your July 4th? 


  1. That was really so sweet to read! I grew up in the suburbs of NY but we had a ton of kids and it was just the greatest! Wouldnt trade that life for anything with NO Computers! Later on I lived in a sleepy town of McConnells SC and they had this little town parade with people on tractors etc..that was so nice! Libby what is that town like now? It must still be lovely!

  2. WOW.....I was in Webster too.....we didn't live there my Dad and family did the fireworks show for Sunset Fireworks.....always did have a great show.

    Can't wait for Fall Semester to begin....and hoping for bead class in the SPRING....hint hint ;)