Thursday, June 23, 2011

Most Fun Evah!

Where have I been? Teaching art kids camps at work of course. It has been a lot of work but sooo much fun. After the morning session the kids have a break before lunch, so we set up a four square court.
Oh my gosh I forgot how much fun four square is! The kids are having a blast and so are we.

We had a party at work tonight with pizza, beer, cupcakes and Yea, you know it, FOUR SQUARE! That's right a bunch of us played for a couple of hours. I laughed so hard I peed alittle! 

Remember those summer nights playing kick the can and a HUGE game of hide and go seek? It was the whole neighborhood and we stayed out until dark. No parents watching our every move, no TV, no video games, just plain ole fun. Later we would catch fire flies, and have Popsicles, and fall into bed exhausted. Good times.
What were your favorite games growing up? 

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