Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am a Big Girl now

It is so hard to hear about all the friends and friends of friends losing jobs. It's so scary, so out of control. My husband and I struggled for so many years , both owning our own businesses. Money was tight, keeping the house was always a question, deciding if we could pay our health insurance , or our house payment. Living with our stomach in knots.

Over a year ago, right before the great economy tank, my husband got a great job. Now everyday we get up to go to work I count my blessings.
Because of the money struggles my house was alway mis-matched, and kind of sloppy looking, with weird wallpaper, bad paint jobs, and dated everything.

Well slowly but surely we are re-doing a room at at time. Tearing off wall paper, new carpet, new paint, and furniture. Not quite there yet, still need, drapes, knick knacks, and lamps etc...I am beginning to feel like a big girl. Like an adult in an adult house.
Slowly but surely step by step.


  1. I know how you feel. I was so dirt poor until I went in the military, then spent a couple of years in Korea where living was cheap, then went into voluntary poverty to go to college. Back to poverty afterwards, and now am ok. You never know from day to day and I don't take a thing for granted, ever.

    Have fun with all the steps!

  2. Any yay for your Etsy store on your blog!